Answering Questions

Until 1974 “God Save the Queen” was Australia’s national anthem. Advance Australia Fair”, with modified lyrics from the original, was adopted as the Australian national anthem on 19 April 1984. Last year professional boxer Anthony Mundine created controversy by calling the anthem “racist” and refusing to stand when it is sung. “It’s a racist anthem and doesn’t represent our people,” Mundine told News Corp. Listen to the National Anthem and carefully read the lyrics by watching the video. Answer the following questions in a paragraph. 1. What did the government mean by representing Australia with ‘distinction’? 2. Which words in the anthem do you think Anthony Mundine considered to be racist and what makes you say that? 3. Do you agree or disagree with Mundine’s decision and justify your answer? 4. How could you change the lyrics so they might be considered to be more inclusive?

My Reception Teacher Biography: Mrs. Kommole

Travelling, to school,  to meet my new teacher, Mrs Kommole on the first day of reception.

Sweet like a lollypop. Her smiley face was the joy of my reception life.

Sometimes she would even let us have a class party at the end of every 3 weeks if we all got our work done on time.

Meanwhile, we would be called the best class she has ever had.

Excited as any reception class would be when she told us that her husband was a dentist and her husband came in and taught us the song. The song was this: Up and Down, all around. Up and down, all around, Brush, brush, brush your teeth all shiny and clean.

My Pet Biography: Grace the rabbit

My new bunny rabbit is a mini lop, called Grace. Grace doesn’t live at my house yet, as I don’t have her. I will probably get her next month because I don’t have enough money to get all the necessities.


As her owner, I will have to care, play, and feed her. The things a bunny needs are, food, a hutch, toys, and a lot of attention. If you don’t pay enough attention to them they will feel lonely and unhappy. Grace is very gentle and cuddly. I have to use my pocket money to pay for her and everything. All bunnies need to be desexed. My dad is paying for the vet. Also, you have to pay for the destruction, which is like $123.567.90875456 million.


That is my pet rabbit, Grace.

Celebrity: Emma Watson

Emma Watson was born on the 15 April 1990. She has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Her brother’s names are; Toby Watson, aged 15 years and Alex Watson, aged 25 years. Emma’s sisters are twins for a start, and their names are; Nina Watson, aged 13 years and Lucy Watson, aged 13 years. Emma Watson is in movies such as Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, The Circle, Colonia, and many, many more. Her parents were called Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. Emma Watson took her last year of school to film the last of the Harry Potter Series. That is all I have to say about Emma Watson.


“Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will take you everywhere” -Albert Einstein

This is an important quote because everyone should go from A to Z, but they should also go further into their imagination!


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”- Albus Dumbledore


We should always turn on the light when we have dark problems or simple problems, but it’s important to always turn on the light for other people as well as our selves.

Tightening tension

The storm was here. Everone in the village was running away, which seems completely weird. Shouldn’t they be staying inside? Anyway, oh now I see why they aren’t inside. Because the storm of the wicked witches are here to attack us all! I run outside as a witch comes into my house! When I reach the edge of town I realise that I left my baby sister in the house! I sprint back but it is too late, the witch is already feeding her the witch special juice to make people evil.


“It’s just you and me!” I say to the witch.

In reply “Hehe, you don’t stand a chance you little girl! Hahaha!!!”

“Fine, I give up!” I say “But now you will never find the secret treasure hidden in the Queen’s castle!”

“What do you mean?” said the witch as she drew her long pointy wand from her long billowing coat.

“I mean this: In a witches wand, there is a hidden map.” as I said this I moved closer to her and she moved closer to me. At the last moment, I grabbed her wand and snapped it into two pieces and out fell a piece of paper and on it said…..

Adding Music to your Blog

If you want to add music to your blog and you don’t know what to do follow these instructions:

The first instruction is to go to the website with this link:

Once you have done that scroll down to the music section that looks like this: 

Next, you choose the song you want and once you click on it it should look like this:  

You see the arrow pointing down you click that and it will download it. Once that has been done u then create a new post:

You have done that so now you drag the downloaded song into the text section of the post in the top right corner of the post. After that go back to the back to the visual page.

Finally, do a two finger click on the play button to edit the music. Click on the pencil and scroll down to where it says to auto and click on auto and loop this will make it play when someone goes onto your blog and it will play again until they are done reading and commenting on your blog.


Try it out. If it works please comment to say it worked and leave a link to your blog.

Video #2


This is my reference to my video above:

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