The Prophecy of Death

I was about to blow out the candles, when BANG from inside the house.

I ran back inside to find my little sister under the book case. I got her out with the help of my friend Grace. When we got my sister out she opened her eyes and said in a raspy voice


“You shall never see the light again,  he is coming for you Zoe, in two year’s time you shall fall. During those year’s you and Grace will make new friends and will need to pass a test to survive many will fail.”


I looked over at Grace and we looked back down.

5 thoughts on “The Prophecy of Death

  1. Hi Zoe,
    Wow, was that good or what?! I didn’t know you could write like that! Could you maybe write some other stories, they’re awesome!
    – Julia

    • Thanks, Julia

      Sure I will write more stories like this.
      Well, I never have written like this before, so I am pretty proud of my self.

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